Bethlehem Useful Info

  • Can anyone access Bethlehem?
    All tourists who are visiting Israel with a "tourist visa" are allowed to visit Bethlehem. There isn't any limitation for the number of times a tourist can get in and out of Bethlehem, as long he or she has there passport with a valid Israeli visa.

    Is having an Israeli passport stamp inside my passport a problem?
    Not at all. Since all tourists to Bethlehem had to access Israel at the beginning, having an Israeli stamp inside your passport isn't a problem you should worry about at all.

    Is it safe to visit Bethlehem?
    Bethlehem is one of the most visited destinations in Palestine, with more then 1.5 million annual visitors. The city and the residents of Bethlehem welcome tourists and provide warm and friendly hospitality. The Palestinian police is doing a great job in maintaining peace and quite in the city for both tourists and residents alltogether.  

    What is the best time to visit Bethlehem?
    As Bethlehem located at the center of the Middle East, the winter here starts around December and ends around February. For those of you who comes from the US, Canada or Europe, you will be positively suprise by the weather, as it's rarely snowing here, and most winter the tempreture here is around 10 degrees. From March to November it's probably the best time to make a visit, although take into account the summer here is quite hot and dry.