Tours in Bethlehem, Palestine

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Bethlehem represent a great opportunity to tour both the city itself and the region. Within Bethlehem you can take several day tours which will take you in and around the city, emphasizing the Church of Nativity and other religious and historical landmarks. When looking to tour outside Bethlehem, you will find several tour 
itineraries combining Bethlehem, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea area, presenting opportunities for a day, 2 days and 3 days tour. Here you can find the most recommended and popular tours to consider with direct booking opportunities.

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Not every day you have the opportunity to stand where Jesus on Nazareth was born, above the cave on which the Church of Nativity was build. That makes Bethlehem so important as a touristic destination for many thousand of tourists and pilgrimage every year. But Bethlehem offers more then one church. As one of the oldest cities in Palestine you can witness while talking a local tour in history itself. From Roman era, to the Muslim regime, from the crusader time to the Ottoman empire.
But religious and history are only part of the true Bethlehem. Our tours will take you the vivid and dynamic part as well. Meet the local population, sit and have a true arabic cafe at one of the cafes or restaurant in downtown. Have a Middle Eastern meal with Kebab and Tehini. And you with to explore the outside of the city - take a day, 2 day or 3 day tour of Jerusalem and it’s old city or tour east to the Dead Sea, Masada and Jericho area. 
Weather taking tours outside of Bethlehem, it’s proximity to the center of Israel makes it a cheap and affordable stay to tour around and know you always have a reliable, quality and warm hospitality with us.