Attractions in Bethlehem

The Old City of Bethlehem

Pope Paul VI Street, which is in the center of the town, leads down to Manger   Squarein the heart of the Old City. The numerous convents and churches built by European religious congregations have firmly marked the urban landscape, but Bethlehemis above all an oriental city. The neighbourhoods around Paul VI   Street, and the popular Star and Farahiya Streets offer visitors a model of Arab architecture typical of the Ottoman era.

Dar Mansour, the ” House of Mansour” (Star Street), is a good example of the architectural style of bourgeois homes at the end of the nineteenth century. Contrasting with the activity of the town’s main arteries, the sleepy narrow side streets run between houses arranged in close clusters on the steep slopes around theOldCity. Most of these alleyways have stone stairs that are sometimes overhung by passageways in order to connect two dwellings belonging to the same family.