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  • Dear surfers,

    Before using this Website, please thoroughly read through the Terms of Use, including the declaration of privacy at the end, which constitutes an integral part of these Terms of Use.  The Terms of Use, together with the declaration of privacy, constitute a binding agreement between us and you (hereafter - "the Terms of Use").

    Use of the Website or any part thereof constitutes your agreement to the Terms of Use.  If you do not agree with the provisions of the Terms of Use or any part thereof do not register as subscribers, do not surf the site and do not make use of its services in any other way.
    The Terms of Use apply to all use made of the Website, whether via the Internet or in any other way.  Moreover, the Terms of Use apply to use of the Website in any manner via computers or any other device, including mobile phones, handheld computers and the like.

    A.  Preamble
    GoBethlehem.com Portal Ltd. Was established 2014 aiming to assist in the promotion and development of the city of Bethlehem, inter alia via this Website.

    B.  General

    1.  That stated in the preamble, the introduction that precedes it, and the declaration of privacy hereunder are each an integral part of the Terms of Use.

    2.   That written heretofore and hereunder applies to every male and female surfing the Website, and language employing the male gender is for convenience only.

    3.  In addition to definitions appearing elsewhere in the Terms of Use, the following definitions shall apply:

    3.1  "Surfer" or "surfers" - any person or corporation surfing the Website, including a subscriber.

    3.2  "Download" - download and any other action that is similar in nature.

    3.3.  "Upload" - upload and any other action that is similar in nature.

    3.4  "Subscriber" - a surfer who has registered as a member of the Website.

    3.5  "Content" or "contents" - information of any kind including text, video, audio and any combination of these as well as the way they have been designed, processed, laid out, distributed and presented including (but not limited to) any picture, photograph, illustration, animation, sketch, image, simulation, sample, film clip, audio file, music file, any other file, software, computer code, application, format, protocol, database, interface and any character, mark, symbol and icon.

    3.6  "Service" or "Website services" - any of the tourism and/or cultural and/or other similar services that are provided on and/or via and/or through the Website including via a linked site.

    C.  General terms

    4.  GoBethlehem.COM reserves the right to adapt and/or suspend and/or cease and/or change and/or expand the Website content and/or Website services or part thereof at any time, including its character, authorizations for access thereto, availability, scope, hours of operation, and also software and/or equipment required to access the Website services.  GoBethlehem.com reserves the right to restrict certain activities and/or services and/or access thereto, in full or in part. In any event, it is hereby declared and agreed that GoBethlehem shall not bear liability for any damage resulting from the aforesaid.

    5.   GoBethlehem.COM shall be permitted to change and/or amend and/or remove and/or add conditions to the Terms of Use or part thereof from time to time and at its exclusive discretion, provided that any such amendment appears on the Website, as Terms of Use normally appear.  It is clarified that Jerusalem.com shall not be required to notify each surfer or subscriber personally regarding the said changes. Any change and/or amendment in the Terms of Use will be binding from the date of its publication on the Website.

    6.   GoBethlehem.COM may offer, at its exclusive discretion, special activities, services, and content subject to special or differing conditions, which shall be notified to all or some of the surfers at its exclusive discretion and according to criteria to be determined.  It is hereby clarified that participation in the activities and/or exposure to the special content shall be considered agreement to the special terms, which  shall be set out near the special activity, service or content as the case may be and in a manner determined by GoBethlehem.COM. Any reference herein made to the Terms of Use shall include any special terms according to this section.

    D. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

    7.   Copyright and any other intellectual property rights in the Website, including the Website name, content, software and supplementary software that are used to operate the site, belong to GoBethlehem.COM and/or bodies associated therewith, whether or not notice of copyright has been included in relation to specific information. Copyright and any other intellectual property rights in other sites to which this Website contains a link, belongs to the operators and/or owners of those other sites and/or pursuant to that stated on those sites. The aforesaid shall not apply to Surfer Content as specified hereafter.
    Without derogating from the surfer's responsibility for the compliance with the law and these Terms of Use of any content uploaded by him, distributed or made public in any other way on or via the Website ("Surfer Content"), the surfer hereby grants GoBethlehem.COM a perpetual, irrevocable, unrestricted, royalty-free license to copy, display, license, sublicense, distribute, publish, modify, edit, adapt, or make any other use of the Surfer Content.
    Without derogating from the surfer's responsibility and rights with regard to Surfer Content, GoBethlehem.COM will be entitled, at any time and at its own discretion, to delete, alter, modify or edit the Surfer Content on the Website. 

    D. Declarations and Undertakings

    8.   The surfer declares and undertakes as follows:

    8.1  That he shall comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use and the provisions of any law when using the Website.  Moreover, that he shall comply with all the conditions that appear in connection with the Website services, even if they appear not on behalf of GoBethlehem.COM and/or if they appear on other sites to which the Website contains a link.

    8.2.   That he is aware and agrees that GoBethlehem.COM and the Website do not personally act as travel and/or ticketing agents or as the provider of any services provided on the Website, except as explicitly otherwise stated, the Website services are provided by third parties, and that GoBethlehem.COM and the Website do not act as representatives and/or agents of any of the businesses or entities providing such services.

    8.3.   That he is solely liable for any damage resulting from their reliance on the content provided in and/or via the Website and/or resulting from the use of services on the Website and/or of any service provided via the Website, and that he is aware that GoBethlehem.COM, its employees, officers and shareholders shall not bear liability for any direct and/or indirect damage, financial and/or otherwise, suffered by the surfers and/or third parties, resulting from reliance on or use of the aforesaid.  This restriction shall also apply if GoBethlehem.COM and/or anyone on its behalf foresaw and/or could have foreseen the damage in advance.

    8.4.  That he is aware that personal details provided by him, insofar as such is provided, shall be stored in a database properly administered by GoBethlehem.COM, unless otherwise stated, and that it may be necessary  to forward these personal details to a third party for the purposes of, and in the course of using, the Website services.  In such an event, the instructions and regulations of the third parties shall apply to the personal details, and unless otherwise stated, GoBethlehem.COM shall not bear liability for, and/or have control over, such details. The surfer hereby undertakes that any information which may be required from them by GoBethlehem.COM or any associated body, for the purpose of subscription to the Website or to order goods or services via the Website, shall be true and complete.

    8.5. That he is aware that GoBethlehem.COM does not supply any equipment and/or infrastructure necessary for the purpose of Internet access and for the purpose of obtaining services from the Website, including telephony equipment, modems and software for accessing the Internet and will not be responsible for any such equipment and/or infrastructure or for their suitability for the use of the services on the Website..

    8.6.   Not to copy and/or distribute and/or trade and/or create links to any parts of the Website and/or content appearing therein, and not to create any deep links thereto, except where written notice has first been obtained from GoBethlehem.COM.

    8.7 Not to send and/or install and/or upload to and/or via the Website information that is by law and/or contract not permitted to be uploaded - such as information that is harmful and/or stolen and/or misleading and/or the transfer of which is against public policy and/or constitutes a criminal offence and/or give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate the law, including where this constitutes breach and/or harm to copyright, trademarks, privacy laws or libel laws. Likewise, the user undertakes not to send and/or install and/or upload to and/or via the Website and/or distribute and/or make public in any other way via the Website any content which contains a virus or any other harmful content and/or constitute chain letters, pyramid games, virus hoaxes, false alarm messages, "spam" or similar material and/or contain and/or encourage and/or promote violence and/or pornography and/or racism and/or anti-Semitism. 

    8.8  The surfer is not allowed to copy, download print, distribute or make any other use  of content, unless according to either of the following conditions::

    8.8.1 The use referred to in this section is made for personal and non-commercial use only, for a purpose which is in no way competing with the Website, without altering or transforming the content. Any use according to this section must be made by giving credit to GoBethlehem.COM and strictly maintaining all copyright and other notices contained or relating to such content, including a link, and if not made on the internet, a reference to the Website, including its name and address. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, GoBethlehem.COM may, as the owner of the content, oppose to any use according to this section, if it deems, according to its sole discretion, the use made not appropriate or detrimental to the Website, or its name and the surfer undertakes to comply immediately with any such opposition or with any instructions received from GoBethlehem.COM with regard to the use of content..

    8.8.2 GoBethlehem.COM has given its explicit prior approval to the use of content, and the use is made strictly according to the terms of such approval, and by giving credit to all copyright owners of the content, according to the instructions of GoBethlehem.COM.
    8.9 To compensate and/or indemnify - fully and immediately upon first demand, GoBethlehem.COM and/or any entity that owns content contained in the Website and/or that provides services to the Website and any license holder and/or owner of other rights in the Website, for any claim and/or demand and/or suit and/or damage suffered thereby due to a breach of the Terms of Use of the Website and/or in connection with the supply of a service. In order to remove any doubt, GoBethlehem.COM shall be permitted to conduct its own legal defense as it sees fit if required to do so - including the reaching of a settlement and/or consent to arbitration and/or mediation proceedings - and the surfer and/or subscriber hereby undertakes to cooperate with GoBethlehem.COM in any legal proceeding as aforesaid.

    E.  Registration and Use of the Website and Its Services

    9.  Surfers who are interested in doing so can register as subscribers to the Website.  Registration to the Website may provide the subscriber with the possibility of responding to articles appearing on the Website, to transfer information to the Message Services as defined hereunder, and to take part in all other activities on and/or via the Website as determined by GoBethlehem.COM