St. Theodosius Monastery, Bethlehem region

St. Theodosius Monastery is located approximately 12 kilometers east of Bethlehem on the route to Jericho. It was founded by Theodosius of Cappadocia who arrived at the place in 432 AD and established a monastery in 476 AD. The monastery was destroyed in 808 AD during the Persian invasion so the monks that inhabited the church were forced to leave.

The monastery that stands today was built by the Greek Orthodox Church in 1952 on the remains of the structure that was constructed during the Crusader and Byzantine periods. Evidences of these remnants are fragments of the mosaic pavements and columns. Eighteen steps lead down to a cave with white walls where the remains of St. Theodosius are entombed.

Recorded accounts state that St. Theodosius was guided by God to seek out the cave where three Wise Men took shelter to rest for a night after paying homage to the newly-born Jesus. Biblical narratives state that these three Wise Men took an alternate route on their way back to their land in the east after God warned them never to return to Herod who was then awaiting news of the Messiah’s place of birth. The monastery then was built over this cave.

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