Religious sites in the city of Bethlehem

Religious sites in Bethlehem and the region, Palestine

  • Church of the Nativity

    The Church of the Nativity, located at the heart of Bethlehem, is a shrine that is considered to be one of the oldest existing Christian churches. It is revered as among Christianity’s most sacred sites as it is believed to mark the place of Christ’s birth.
  • Milk Grotto Chapel

    The Milk Grotto Chapel is located at the southeast corner of the Church of the Nativity and just a few minutes’ walk from the Manger Square. This religious site is revered by Christian and Muslim pilgrims alike.
  • Church of St Catherine

    The Church of St. Catherine is a Franciscan monastery and a Catholic church that is connected to the Church of the Nativity. It was said to have been built in 310 AD at the place where Christ appeared to Catherine of Alexandria and predicted her martyrdom
  • Mosque of Omar

    The Mosque of Omar is the oldest and the only Muslim temple of worship in the old city of Bethlehem. It is located in the Manger Square and only a few steps from the Church of the Nativity.
  • Rachel’s Tomb

    Rachel’s Tomb is situated at the entrance of Bethlehem, south of Jerusalem. The tomb is a shrine that marks the burial site of Rachel, the wife of Jacob. It is venerated by Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. 
  • Cremisan Monastery

    The Cremisan Monastery was established in 1885 on the remnants of a 7th century Byzantine Monastery. It is situated on a hill that is 850 meters above sea level and five kilometers from the city of Bethlehem
  • Mar Elias Monastery

    Mar Elias Monastery is a 12th century Greek Orthodox Monastery that is located about 5 kilometers to the north of Bethlehem. The site was established in the 6th century during the Byzantine period but was destroyed after the Persian invasion in 614AD
  • Mar Saba Monastery

    The Mar Saba Monastery is a Greek Orthodox Monastery which was established in the 5th century by St. Sabas, a monk that hails from central Turkey. It is located around 15 kilometers east of Bethlehem and it stands magnificently on a cliff’s edge of a deep valley. 
  • St. George Monastery

    St. George is a 6th century Greek Orthodox monastery situated in Wadi Qelt at the eastern West Bank. It is constructed into the cliffs of the wadi and is occupied by Greek Orthodox monks.
  • St. Theodosius Monastery

    St. Theodosius Monastery is located approximately 12 kilometers east of Bethlehem on the route to Jericho. It was founded by Theodosius of Cappadocia who arrived at the place in 432 AD and established a monastery in 476 AD