Bethlehem Useful Info

  • Convenient, efficient public transportation is available to Bethlehem from several locations in Jerusalem. You can choose to take the national Israeli carrier - "Egged" or one of the Arab buses which depart near Jerusalem's old city. The main bus routes are:

    From Jerusalem to Bethlehem with Egged:
    Egged route 234 – depart from the corner of Sultan Suliman St. and Hanev'im St. near the old city. This line will get to the main enterance to Bethlehem which called checkpoint 300 in about 30-40 minutes. The price for the ticket is 7 NIS. Please note that from this bus final stop you will have to take either a taxi or a Palestinian bus to get inside Bethlehem itself.

    From Bethlehem to Jerusalem with Egged:
    Egged route 234A - depart from Bethlehem checkpoint 300 on the opposite direction towards Jerusalem. It's final stop is at Sultan Suliman and Hanev'im St. Ticket price is the same (7 NIS)

    From Jerusalem to Bethlehem with an Arab bus:
    Take bus route 21 (the bus color is blue) which depart at the East Jerusalem Arab bus station, location in Sultan Suliman St., just across Damascus gate. Ticket price is 5 NIS. This bus route will take you through Beit-Jalla into Bethlehem itself, so if you are not in a hurry that might be the cheapest way to get to Bethlehem for you.

    From Jerusalem to Bethlehem by taxi:

    You can take any taxi from Jerusalem to the enterance to Bethlehem. That should cost you 50-60 NIS. It would be wiser to agree with the taxi driver on a global price for the ride them using the taxi meter

    From Jerusalem to Bethlehem with a rented car:
    Please note that you CAN'T access Bethlehem with an Israeli rented car as Israelis car rental companies does not inssure driving with rented cars in the west bank and inside Palestinian territories. If you any reason you need to go to Bethlehem with a car, hire one in one of the East Jerusalem car rental agencies.