Nablus and Jenin Tour

The tour will take you to some of the significant religious sites. However, for this tour particularly, we would advise our visitors to dress appropriately to respect the traditions and norms of the locals. Women should cover their shoulders and should not wear miniskirts and men should avoid wearing shorts.
Also, this tour is not allowed for the Israeli passport holders.

This experience for our visitors will start when they will be picked from the Abraham hostel around 07:30. First visit will be to the Mount Gerizim in the Samaritan village. There, you will hear the story about the Samaritan people dating back to the Roman era. Visitors will meet a Samaritan priest and visit the museum there.

Then we will head to the Jacob’s well that is located in Orthodox Christian monastery, a place that has been used for the purpose of Baptism for thousands of years. Moving on to the place of Nablus, where you will experience the Old City which is filled with historic sites and reference to history from the crusaders to the Ottoman Empire. You will also taste the world renowned 'kanafeh’ of Nabulus.

Moreover, you will also visit an old soap factory that started its operation back in 13th century. You will be served the local Arabic style delicious lunch.
 In the later part of the tour, you will also visit the Jenin Refugee Camp. There, you can talk with locals and understand the difficulties those people have to go through on daily basis. Also, the visitors will get the chance to enter the Tomb of Joseph that is a holy place for not one but three religions.

You will also have some time to spend in the bustling market place in Jenin. By 17:30 approximately, you will be back at the Abraham Hostel, Jerusalem