Mosque of Omar Bethlehem

The Mosque of Omar is the oldest and the only Muslim temple of worship in the old city of Bethlehem. It is located in the Manger Square and only a few steps from the Church of the Nativity. The mosque is named after the second Rashidun Muslim Caliph, Omar Ibn al-Khattab (581-644). Historical accounts state that Omar traveled to Bethlehem in 637AD after conquering Jerusalem. Upon reaching the old city, Omar declared a law that will support respect for the shrine and security for all Christians and the clergy.

The existing mosque was constructed in 1860 and was renovated in 1955. The land where the mosque was built was provided by the Greek Orthodox Church. The Mosque of Omar became a symbol of religious harmony in Bethlehem where Christianity and Islam governs in peace alongside each other. Long before the existence of modernity, Christians and Muslims in Bethlehem provided olive oil in order to illuminate the mosque.  

Accessible to handicapped and senior guests
Kids and family friendly
Free parking
Free entrance

Opening Hours
The mosque is open daily for visitors but it is recommended that guests refrain from visiting on Fridays or right after the prayer calls as the mosque is at its busiest.
All visitors have to follow the modest dress codes.
Women have to cover their hair completely with a scarf. Chest, arms and legs must be covered as well. Men must avoid wearing shorts. All visitors must remove their shoes upon entering the mosque.
The women have a special prayer area at the second floor.