Hebron Dual Narrative Tour

Visit this beautiful and fascinating city that is not only one of the four holiest cities of Judaism but hold significant importance in the religion of Islam. The Hebron tour divides the day in two – spending the mornings with Jewish settlers and the afternoon in the Palestinian part. One of the positive aspects of this tour includes the knowledge you will gain about the political issues faced by locals. 

You will experience and witness the city of Abraham and also see the burial place of Matriarchs and the Biblical Patriarchs. 

At 8:00, you will depart from the Abraham Hostel. Around 10:00 you will arrive at the Israeli side, for a tour of H2. It is the largest city of West Bank. You will spend some time with the Jewish settlers. You will be visiting the divided Tomb of the Patriarchs which is home to symbolic tombs of Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca, Leah and Jacob. Even the tomb of Adam and Eve are said to be in the cave beneath. Before touring the Jewish people, you will be visiting the Avraham Avinu Quarter. The exciting museum of Beit Hadassah that portrays the Jewish life in Hebron prior to the riots of 1929.

At 13:00 you will have lunch and will be headed towards the Palestinian part of the city. When you move into the Palestinian part, you will be accompanied by a local Palestinian tour guide that will provide help throughout the tour. You will have nicely home cooked dinner with a local Palestinian family. Moreover, you will get the chance to communicate with the locals and understand the hardships the locals face due to the political situation.

At 18:00 you will return to Jerusalem and arrive back at around 19:00. The presented times are an approximation and the order of visit can also change.