Cremisan Monastery Bethlehem

The Cremisan Monastery was established in 1885 on the remnants of a 7th century Byzantine Monastery. It is situated on a hill that is 850 meters above sea level and five kilometers from the city of Bethlehem. The monastery and the main convent belongs to the Italian Salesian order founded by Don Bosco and, since the late 19th century, was used as a school for those studying for the priesthood. 

The main monastery features stone floors, high arched ceilings and thick walls and highlights pictures of Don Bosco and the late Pope John Paul II. At present, only six monks live in the Cremisan Monastery and training and formation for the priestly profession is carried out in the other Salesian institutions nearby. The monastery also contains the only winery in the whole of Palestine, the Cremisan Cellars. The wines being produced here uses only local Palestinian grapes. 

The Cremisan Monastery is located within the Cremisan Valley which is considered to be the only remaining green area in the Bethlehem district. The valley, overlooking Bethlehem and Beit Jala, has wide ranges of agricultural lands and magnificent terraced grounds that provide a perfect place for picnics and strolls under the shades of olive trees. Local Palestinian families themselves, Christians and Muslims alike, cultivate the ancient terraces providing livelihood and food for the villagers in the Bethlehem district.

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