Bethlehem Private Half Day Tour

Christian visitors, from all around the globe, should plan on visiting the city of Bethlehem at least once in their lifetime. After all, it is not only the birthplace of Jesus but also forms the backdrop to Nativity.

We provide for you a short tour to Bethlehem. In this private, half-day tour the visitors will be able to experience the beautiful sights of Bethlehem and return to Jerusalem for a late lunch. Since, the city of Bethlehem is not the largest of the cities, therefore the visitors ought to experience every good spot of the city with proper time management. The concentration of the tour will be focused on the Old City as it contains most of the sites that should be explored by the visitors.

In this short tour, you will witness the Rachel’s Tomb and walk around the Manger square. Moreover, you will also be visiting the birthplace of Jesus at the Church of Nativity. There will be a walking Nativity tour, the church is surrounded by Chapels and Churches along with the Milk Grotto before you experience the Shepherds’ Field before reaching the city of Jerusalem.

You need to keep one important thing in mind that during this tour you will cross the check point to the city of Bethlehem, a valid passport will be required from you.

On this private tour, the route and journey can be adjusted accordingly to meet your preferences. The transportation will be provided from your hotel and you will also be provided with a local Palestinian that will perform the duties of a tour guide for you. This tour, however, will not include any tips or meals.

Throughout the week, English, Spanish, German and French language can be catered and if a prior notice is provided other languages can be provided to you.