Bethlehem Half day tour

As a Christian, if you are looking for a refreshing tour to the Holy city of Bethlehem then this half day tour might just be the best option for you. In this half day tour, you will visit Bethlehem – the place that marks the birthplace of Jesus and the backdrop to the Nativity.

This short tour will take you through the Old City, which contains all the unforgettable and important sites of Bethlehem and return to the city of Jerusalem for your late lunch. 

In this short trip, you will make a tour of the Christian Holy Land, see the Rachel’s Tomb and walk around the Manger Square. Nevertheless, you will visit and experience the birthplace of the Jesus at Church of the Nativity. You can experience the walking tour of Church of the Nativity, surrounded by Chapels and Churches and the Milk Grotto. On you way back to Jerusalem, you will view the Shepherd’s field. 

You will also be taken to the souvenir shop where you might also want to collect a few souvenirs from the city on your way back. However, you are not required to buy any souvenir if you do not want to get any.

In this tour, transportation will be provided to visitors from their hotel to Jerusalem. The transportation to Bethlehem might be provided by driver-taxi.
You will also be provided by a proper tour guide in Bethlehem who speaks English and a second language for your convenience. All the transportation fees that you may incur are already included in the tour.

However, transportation back to Tel Aviv and the meals will not be a part of the tour.

The pick-up timings, from your hotel lobby are as follows:
6:30am Netanya hotels 
7:00am Herzliya hotels 
7:20am Tel Aviv hotels 
9:00 Jerusalem hotels