Bethlehem and Jericho Private Day Tour

In this tour, visitors will start by passing by the Rachel’s Tomb, where scripture relates her dying after giving birth to Benjamin. Shortly, visitors will arrive at the Manger Square and Church of the Nativity. Two churches, chapels are located inside the church compound that the visitors will witness. Then the visitors will be entering through the Lowered Door of Humility and going on towards the Grotto of the Nativity which an underground cave that is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus. 

There, the Silver Star will be marking an exact spot. During their visit, you will be witnessing the Church of St. Catherine, the Chapel of St. Jerome, where Bible was translated to Latin according to the traditions and the Chapel of Saint Joseph where the angel commanded Joseph to travel to Egypt.

The visitors will get the opportunity to walk through the Manger Square, head towards the Milk Grotto where Holy Family was able to find refuge before entering Egypt. There, the white color on walls is believed to be the droplets of mild that fell when Mary was nursing the baby Jesus. Before heading towards the city of Bethlehem, people will also witness the Shepherds Field where the Lord appeared.

On their way to Jericho, the visitors will see the Inn of Good Samaritan which a 19th century Turkish caravanserai. Then you will head to Jericho, there you will be going to Zacchaeus Sycamore, where Jesus spoke with the tax-collector. In a short while, you will reach at the Mount Temptation where the devil tempted Jesus, on top is Monastery of Temptation where Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

The final destination will be the Mount of Ancient Jericho, the place where about 25 ancient cities were unearthed over a span of centuries.