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Bethlehem isn’t only famous as being one of the oldest cities in Palestine. It is recognized as the place where Jesus of Nazareth was born, which makes the Church of Nativity to one of the most sacred Churches for Catholic Christians worldwide. Bethlehem is also one of the most touristic destinations of Palestine. It’s proximity to the city of Jerusalem and the Judean desert make the city an ideal place to for a 4-5 days vacation, where you can exit easily to the other parts of the holy land and make it your preferred accommodation spot.
Over the years, Bethlehem offers it’s visitors more and more things to do and to see within the city. It has new hotels and restaurants, new attractions and visitors centers, and even a hot and vibrant night scene. It really doesn’t matter how old are you and weather you are visiting Bethlehem for religious purposes or as an historical central destination within Palestine, you will always find here more things to do and more things to see then time allows you.
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